Get a job now

Are you looking for a comeback in the labor market?

We all know that empty gaps in a CV can be a big barrier when looking for work. Most employers in Denmark hire those who have been employed.
A job abroad can be the answer to the problem.

If you are unemployed, a job abroad via Jobsun may be the way forward.

You get:

Working in a multinational company
Exciting CV
Improved your digital skills
Greater chance for jobs in Denmark in the future
A new network

If you are currently in the middle of a period when you are out of work, then the solution to your unemployment could be to kickstart your career again with a job abroad.

It is a big plus that by taking a job abroad, you shift the focus to your willingness to want to work. A will that is so great that you go abroad. We also have experience that, in addition to something on your CV, a job abroad gives a confidence boost.

For most Danes, the long-term goal is of course to find a reasonable job in Denmark. Therefore, it is also our intention that a work abroad can be used as a springboard to a good job in Denmark.

There is no doubt that periods of unemployment unfortunately cause employers to reject you. But there is also no doubt that relevant work abroad shows that the employer is faced with a candidate with:

Job readiness
Relevant experience
General experience

Of course, there is also no doubt that work experience from abroad always seems exciting to an employer. And since most of our jobs provide good skills in customer service, communication and IT, you will be well equipped for a great many jobs in the Denmark of the future.

If you are looking for a job right now and would like to make a comeback on the labor market, contact us immediately and we can have an honest conversation about what we can offer you. If you are brave enough for a second chance, Jobsun can help.