Is it difficult to move abroad?


At present, we have the opportunity to offer you work in Greece (mostly), in Portugal and in Malta. You’re guaranteed to have a number of questions in mind before heading down here.

Can I afford to move?
Is it easy to find a place to stay?
How is life in the country I will live in?

The economy is of course a crucial part of the whole thing, and in that context you will be offered a relocation package, which includes plane tickets and a hotel stay for the first weeks you stay in the country.

Therefore, it is not the case that you need a huge amount of capital before you travel down here.

In Greece, for example, you can get a nice apartment for around DKK 3000, which means that you need the 1st month’s rent + deposit, which is also 1 month’s rent.

You will be provided with real estate agents who will help you find an apartment.

The company’s HR department will also help you with the practical, such as bank account, telephone etc.

Most of our positions are positions in Athens and Thessaloniki, and we at Jobsun are experts in these cities. So we are naturally available with tips on where it is nice to live, where you can find good places to eat, what you can experience, etc.

And regardless of where you end up working, you’ll have a large network of colleagues who are more than happy to make good suggestions, and your head of department is sure to also have a lot of good tips he or she would like to share with you.

In other words, you just have to ask! There is plenty of help available so that you can have the best stay abroad.