What work can we offer you?

Work in countries that are warmer than Denmark

As Jobsun’s name reveals, the concept is to find a job for you in countries that are warmer than Denmark.

We can offer you a stable workplace, while at the same time you can live in the south for as long a period as you wish. However, it is recommended that you have a stay of at least 6 months if the stay is to have value on your CV. And if you really want to experience another culture.

At present, via Jobsun, you can get the opportunity to work in Greece (most jobs), in Portugal and in Malta. Specifically, we can offer you customer service work in the following areas:

Social Media
Streaming services
E-shop for clothes
The travel industry
Car industry

In all positions, it is said that you will get to work for a number of the world’s largest companies, just as you will only be associated with one industry.

Before you start the job, you will receive solid training. Therefore, you get a calm start to work. In addition, you always have a supervisor who you can turn to if you get a difficult case.

The workplace is multinational, and you will have the opportunity to meet people from many different countries. You therefore have a golden chance to develop your social skills, as well as strengthen your understanding of new cultures.

The multinational perspective means that you can safely expect that you will interact with many different nationalities in everyday life. In that way, it can be compared somewhat with a study stay abroad. You also get the chance to get a new exciting network that you can benefit from. However, it must be emphasized that your direct colleagues will be Danes, because you will naturally be part of the Danish department. That’s why you won’t be on the “away” too much either.

You will have a working week of 5 days, as well as a normal working day of 8 hours just like in Denmark. During your 8-hour working day, you have a paid break of 45 minutes. The break is long enough for you to go out and eat at a local restaurant if you feel like it.

The salary you receive is higher than the average salary in Greece. It is 1300 euros gross and 1000 euros net. It may not sound like much, but the price level is significantly lower in Greece. Ex, an excellent furnished apartment costs 400 euros. And if you want to make it even cheaper, you can share an apartment with a colleague. It is also cheap to order food or eat out. The salary is high enough that you have money for exciting leisure activities.

You get paid during your holiday, and in addition holiday bonus 3 times a year. You can earn up to an extra month’s salary for Christmas and half an extra for Easter and summer. This is therefore a job with 14 monthly salaries per year in total. You also have the opportunity to earn up to 250 euros in bonus every month if you achieve good results. When you have been employed for 7 months.