Sabbatical year

What should I use my sabbatical for?

What a good sabbatical entails depends entirely on what you expect from your sabbatical. For most, a sabbatical should provide experiences and experiences. In Jobsun, we have a proposal for how you can get just that, while also having a sensible sabbatical.

If you would like to go out and experience the world and cannot afford it, then finding work abroad during your sabbatical is also an option. By choosing that option, you have created the foundation for a sensible sabbatical.

Overall, a sensible sabbatical with work abroad can give you a number of good experiences to take home. You can precisely expect that you will get:

Other work experience
Stronger CV
Experiences of a lifetime
Mature Personality
Lots of sun

A sensible sabbatical can significantly strengthen your CV. There are now many employers who look positively on the fact that you have work experience from abroad. In our globalized world, experience from abroad is very useful, which you can also read more about in the article on the advantages of working abroad. In addition to the know-how that a reasonable sabbatical year abroad can provide, it is of course also about the fact that you have held your sabbatical year abroad that shows strength of will. Imagine the advantage you have compared to those who “just” took a job at home when you sit for a job interview in the future.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that, via Jobsun, you have the opportunity to work in a multinational workplace, where you will meet people from many different countries.

Why so serious? A sensible sabbatical is not just work and duties, it is after all a sabbatical, and therefore life must also be enjoyed. The sabbatical you can get via Jobsun also gives you the opportunity to enjoy life in your free time.

You will have the opportunity to get out and experience completely new things. For example, you can enjoy a drink in the sun, eat at a restaurant along the water, party with the locals, experience football matches and other sporting events and go on weekend trips to well-known holiday destinations.

Overall, it is an experience with many new impressions, and certainly with more sun than what you are used to from Denmark. The combination of work experience abroad and the personal experiences you get naturally help to mature you as a person . Getting out and experiencing the world during your sabbatical will also make you more aware of who you are as a person. All this can also make you more ready to choose your field of study.

If you also do not meet the admission requirements for the study of your dreams, then our stay abroad can significantly improve your chances of entering quota 2!

If our concept of a sensible sabbatical has caught your interest, then you are welcome to contact us immediately. We can have an honest conversation about what you expect from your sabbatical and you can hear more about what Jobsun can concretely offer you.