You are never alone

When you get a job via Jobsun, you can still use our services once you have been employed by our business partner.

You have the opportunity to use the experience we have, and thus use us as your sparring partner/mentor, and here you can ask all imaginable questions.

It is important for us to start by emphasizing that Jobsun would like to be a free mentor for you.

The reasons why we would like to take time to mentor you for free is that the three of us who offer to be mentors have all lived and worked abroad. In particular, we have many years of experience living in Greece. Alexander Psyllos, owner of jobsun has also worked for the largest cooperative company for three years. That is why he has a great deal of concrete knowledge about the work you are coming down to.

The mentors in Jobsun can also give

Tips about the countries (specialists in Greece)
Tips on leisure activities
Tips for where to stay
Tips about the local culture

It is important to us that you do not feel alone. If there is something you would like to know more about, do not hesitate to contact us.

Alexander Psyllos is half Greek/half Danish, therefore both Denmark and Greece are his home countries, so he knows both cultures, good and bad, and therefore knows what it is that you should be aware of, and what you have to look forward to. AND what is important, he is fluent in both languages, and can also help if there are documents you need translated.

Part of the charm of this experience is of course that you get to experience a completely new culture. Therefore, it is crucial that you get off to a good start and have a lot of good information about the work, the countries and the culture in your luggage.

It is also great that both the company you will be working for and your many colleagues are of course also helpful.

Jobsun’s values ​​are “that we are with you all the way”. This is one of the ways we stand out from other recruitment companies. When you are a success, we are a success.