Our philosophy

At Jobsun, we know what we are sending you to, because we have been there ourselves

Our philosophy as a company is based on the idea of ​​a globalized world. In the times we live in now, it is an important competence to be able to perform on the international stage.

Therefore, we think that a stay abroad in a multinational environment gives you a few of the tools you need, both when you have work in Denmark, but also if you want to work abroad later in your working life.

The fact that you have the courage to work abroad, the courage to step out of your comfort zone, says a lot about you as a person. And gives you invaluable experience that you will be able to use, both on the job market, but also in your private life. One of Jobsun’s missions is therefore also that more Danes come abroad and gain international work experience.

There is also no doubt that an increasing proportion of companies demand people who have had experience abroad.

We also know that it is important to work abroad under stable conditions. It is important for most people to live well, to have a stable salary and to have people you can turn to.

Part of the concept is also that you clearly tell us what you expect to get out of the stay. This gives us the chance to assess which project and which city is suitable for your expectations. If we sense that you are asking for something that we cannot offer, then we must honestly tell you that unfortunately we do not have anything relevant for you.

Having lived in another culture is one of the things that most develops as a person.

At Jobsun, our employees have international experience. We have done it ourselves, we recommend you. That is why there is knowledge and good advice to be gained, and that is why we have created our mentoring scheme. We give honest answers and have extensive knowledge for:

At Jobsun, we know what we are sending you to, because we have been there ourselves.