You get what we promise

It is important to us at Jobsun that we have an honest conversation and get the correct reconciliation of expectations done

You must be fully informed about:
The Work
Standard of Living

We will not promise you that you will be paid DKK 50,000 and live on the beach with a cocktail in hand. Therefore, we do not promise gold and green forests. If you’re looking for someone to promise you a free holiday stay, we’re not the one to contact.

In return, we can promise that we can give you the opportunity to experience a new country and at the same time get a salary that is higher than the average salary in the country you come to. The work we can offer you gives you the opportunity to live a sensible life, where there is room to go to the beach in the warm months, while there is also room in the budget for experiences and restaurant visits.

We are also committed to giving you a good work experience. We guarantee that you will gain experience with projects that represent a number of the largest companies within

Social Media
Streaming services
E-shop for clothes
The travel industry
Car industry

It is clear that you will also get current work experience that suits the digital world.

Furthermore, we can offer you to become part of a multinational workplace, and you will have the opportunity to meet people from many different countries. It is something that we believe can be a good and developing experience for most people.

Jobsun’s director (Alexander) has himself worked for 3 years, for the largest of the companies we collaborate with. This means that we can offer not only our own experience, but also experience from the many colleagues Alexander has had over the years.

Jobsun’s employees have all worked in several countries, and therefore have international knowledge, which you are welcome to make use of throughout your stay.

Jobsun is happy to give good advice on everything from work, culture, to good experiences, to good food and where it is good to live.

Jobsun is more than a recruitment agency, we are also your personal guide and mentor.

If you have any questions, don’t hold back, contact us and we can have an honest discussion about things. If you want to try your hand abroad, we promise that we will do our utmost to find the job and the city that suits you.